Steve Harvey and His Blended Family

Steve Harvey has a modern day Brady Bunch!When he married Marjorie Bridges in June of 2007 they created a rather large blended family. Steve brought 4 biological children to the marriage and Marjorie brought 3!

Steve Says They Are Not His “Step Children”

In an interview on Good Morning America Steve said that they do not use the word step children. They are simply his children. The same goes for the children. Steve and Marjorie are Mom and Dad – not step mom or step dad!

He goes on to explain that it helps the children not feel alienated when he introduces them to people.

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Even Steve Harvey’s Blended Family Has Issues

On Good Morning America Steve Harvey talks about some of the issues his family has faced due to being a blended family. He talks about the “pecking order” of his step children when he and Marjorie married and combined their families. What this means is that the oldest is no longer the oldest and the baby is no longer the baby of the family. He also discusses the difficulties where there are separate rules at separate houses. Marjorie’s children have different rules at their biodad’s house and his children have different rules at their biomom’s house.

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Another issue he discusses during this segment on Good Morning America is disengagement.

I will discuss this step father’s issues further in my next blog post.

Until then keep loving your step children and consider making your blended family a whole unit!

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