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Step parent adoption in Arkansas is highly encouraged by the state. In fact, all types of adoption applications in Arkansas are supported with a convenient legal process with few requisites. However, the application forms are quite confusing on their own. That has a lot to do with the fact that legal applications and documents often have a very crisp language that only those familiar with bureaucratic jargon understand well. This is why most people applying for adoption seek professional help.


Once you start working on your adoption application in Arkansas, you will realize this is something you need expert help for. A lot of applicants spend hours on the document before coming to this conclusion.

Once you have realized you need a professional’s touch for your forms, you will have two options: (a) going to an adoption attorney who will charge thousands of dollars for filling your adoption application for Arkansas courts and take over a week to justify the money they are taking from you, and (b) Rapid Adoption, where we take three business days (or less) to finalize the forms for submission in adoption courts for a small fraction of the fee you would pay an attorney.

Rapid Adoption has helped thousands of families across the United States to expand with new members to share the love with. Over the last 15 years, we have maintained 100% success rate for the applications we prepared, which means none of the applications we ever prepared were refused submission in any courts our customers applied to.
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Another crucially important step that smart applicants take before they start to prepare their application is to understand their state’s adoption laws. The adoption laws in Arkansas are quite simple and easy to follow. The state basically allows any person, minor or adult, to be adopted by an adult (or a couple). Understanding the adoption laws of Arkansas will help you prepare for the legal process involved and know what to expect once you have submitted your petition to the courts.


When it comes to step parent adoption in Arkansas, the adoption laws are quite straightforward. The only legal requirement for your petition to adopt a stepchild that could be a bother for you is the home residency condition. The courts in Arkansas require the adoptee to stay with the adopting parent(s) for at least six months before the adoption petition can be finalized.

Interestingly, even this condition does not prolong a petition for step parent adoption in Arkansas in most cases because married couples often live together with their minor children and the home study period is usually seen through before an adoption petition is filed.

The only other requirement for your application is that of consents. You need your spouse’s consent as the natural parent of the adoptee. You will also need the written consent of your stepchild if they are older than 10.

In case you are going for child adoption in Arkansas through a government agency, you will find the legal process to be just as facilitating. You will need written consents from the child’s parents and the child’s own if they are 10 or older. The home residency statute might be waived in case the placement is made by a state agency for child adoption in Arkansas.


Adult adoption in Arkansas also comes with a convenient legal process. The state’s adoption laws require you to get written consent from the adult you are adopting and keep them under your roof for the usual home residency period of six months. There is no requirement for a blood relation for adult adoption in Arkansas, which means you can apply to adopt any adult person for any kind of legal need you two agree on.
There is also the matter of relative adoption in Arkansas. You can petition for adopting an adult related by blood. This type of applications are usually submitted to adopt elderly relatives who live on their own or in a state facility.