See if You Qualify

Instructions: See if you qualify to use our adoption service. Answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge. When you are done, click the “Submit” button. An instant response will be generated based on the information you provide.

    Child Adoption Step Parent Adoption Relative Adoption Adult Adoption Don't know

    If you are adopting a person under 18 select the child adoption option or else, select the adult adoption option.

    If you married and want to adopt your spouse's child(ren), select the step parent option.

    If you are related to the person you want to adopt select the Relative option.

    If you will be moving, let us know in the "situation" section below.

    We do domestic adoptions if the person being adopted is outside the USA, we can't do it.

    Yes, I qualify under my state's residency laws. No, I don't qualify under my state's residency laws Don't know

    Every state has residency requirements that need to be met before you can file for adoption. Residency requirements are met by living in a state for a minimum period of time (usually 6 to 12 months).

    Yes, both parties are US citizens. No, one or more parties are not US citizens. Don't know

    The person adopting and the person being adopted have to be US citizens (or have current US Green Cards) for us to be able to do the adoption.

    Yes No Don't know

    In other words, did the biological father of the person you are adopting sign the birth certificate?

    Are you aware of any Special circumstances that may affect your adoption? Do you have any Questions/Comments/Concerns?