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Adult adoption in Florida has become more popular over the recent years for a number of reasons. The state of Florida has made the legal obligations for adoption quite simple, except naturally in the case of child adoption (or step parent adoption). Furthermore, Florida adoption application is not easy for a layman. So, professional help is always advised.


We have been helping families with their adoption applications in Florida for years, having in fact serviced thousands of cases across the US over the past 15 years. Our expertise in preparing adoption applications is such that we have maintained 100% success rate all these years. 

While a lot of applicants approach adoption attorneys for their applications and do receive good service, they spend too much money and time on something we do for our customers in a fraction of that amount and time.

Our processes are convenient and cause no delay or discomfort to our customers and their adoption application in Florida gets ready in a matter of 2-3 days. We can help you with:

  • Adult adoption in Florida
  • Step parent adoption in Florida
  • Child adoption in Florida
  • Relative adoption in Florida

Take our professional help with your adoption applications today and wait no more for that joyful addition to your family.

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Florida’s adoption laws are in many ways the same as those of many in the United States and unique in other ways. For example, like many other states, Florida adoption laws allow any minor or adult to be adopted. Similarly, like many other states, Florida requires a period of home residency in the state prior to the adoption. This period is set for 90 days.

Any heterosexual unmarried adult can adopt another person. In case you are married, you need your spouse to be your co-applicant for the adoption. However, the court may excuse this obligation if it wills.


  • Adult adoption may be done to protect family inheritance or name. For example, a childless couple may adopt an adult to give their inheritance to somebody they prefer, or an old couple with only daughters for children may choose an adult male to continue the family name.
  • Adult adoption in Florida may be done to make an existing relationship a formal one. For instance, an old business tycoon adopted his girlfriend in 2012, after which he immediately not only became her guardian but the lady also became a member of the family trust.
  • Another popular reason for adult adoption in Florida is to take formal legal responsibility for an adult’s care who is in need but cannot make reliable decisions about their welfare, such as a person with a mental handicap.

Whatever your reason may be, our professional adult adoption service is available to make your Florida adoption application a successful one.


Similarly, the number of adoptive parents in Florida is increasing, thanks to able couples without a child – or for the sake of providing for foster children just because they can – adopting children from foster homes and other such facilities.

There is also the matter of step parent adoption in Florida.  These are step parents who want to legally adopt the children of their spouse from an earlier relationship or marriage. People often do it as a sign of commitment to their spouse and out of love for the child they already are a step parent to.

The state of Florida highly approves of step parent adoption for obvious reasons. A step parent can apply to adopt their step child with the express consent of the spouse (in most cases). However, the court is expected to look out for the child’s interests and may refuse an application despite all documentation being in order.

Indeed child adoption in Florida is a complicated process. With our specialized teams and streamlined processes, we can help you ideally with your Florida adoption application if you are going for step parent adoption or child adoption in Florida.