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Adult adoption in Tennessee is one of the more difficult types of adoption petitions due to the fact that most types of adoption petitions are thoroughly scrutinized. If there was an exception to the rule, it would be a petition for step parent adoption in Tennessee. However, regardless of the type of your adoption petition, you will not find any comfort in the layout and confusing questions of the application forms. This is why most people look for professional help for their petition papers.


Your adoption application for Tennessee courts requires an expert’s touch for sure. The sooner you come to this conclusion the more time you will save. Once you realize this, you will see you have two options:

  • The option of going to a family law firm and takes their services. While an adoption attorney will be qualified to prepare the forms for you, they will charge thousands of dollars for the service and take several days to do it.
  • The other option you have is to come to us. We have expertise of working with every US Tennessee’s courts for adoption petitions, and we will provide you as good a service as any attorney for a fraction of the fee and in just three days.

We offer such value because we love what we do, making families grow bigger and happier.

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To the applicants who purchase our services, we make a suggestion to study the adoption laws of their Tennessee while we prepare their petition for filing. Understanding the adoption laws of Tennessee will help you get a clear idea of what the law demands from you in terms of the adoption petition and also help you see what to expect from the legal process that comes after the filing of the petition.


Adult adoption in Tennessee is not prohibited by law. In fact, it is one of the more popular types of adoption that residents of the Tennessee are filing their petitions for. Adult adoption in Tennessee requires you to be a legal resident of the Tennessee having lived for at least six months within its boundaries before you become eligible for legal adoption. Also, a more difficult condition is that of the adoptee’s residence under your roof for at least a year before you can legally adopt them.

You will need written consent from the adult you are adopting, which is a condition you will need to fulfill even if you are applying for relative adoption in Tennessee. Similarly, for both these types of adoption petitions, you will need your spouse to sign up as your co-petitioner. Even when you are pursuing relative adoption in Tennessee for an elderly relation that needs the kind of love and care only family can provide, you will need to fulfill these conditions before the petition can be submitted in the courts.


Step parent adoption in Tennessee is certainly the most convenient type of adoption as expected. Interestingly, since the normal conditions for an adoption petition in the Tennessee are quite tough in comparison with other Tennessees, the lenience stepchild adoption gets in the courts feels even more welcome.

For your petition of step parent adoption in Tennessee courts, you can expect the Judge to waive both the conditions related to residence. Even if you have not lived for six months in the Tennessee prior to filing for adoption, the application might still be accepted. Also, the court will most probably waive the condition for your stepchild to live under your roof for at least a year prior to the application.

Apart from these, you will need to get written consent from your spouse as the birth parent of the child you are adopting. Consent of the minor will also be required if they are 14 or over.

Consent of the minor and their natural parents will also be needed if you are pursuing child adoption in Tennessee by means of a placement agency. In such a case of child adoption in Tennessee courts, you will also need your spouse to sign up as co-applicant.