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Step parent adoption in Nevada is a growing trend, which reflects on the state residents’ respect for family as society’s fundamental unit. A step parent goes out of their way to legally adopt their spouse’s children and show a lot of responsibility in doing so. While this is a time for immense joy in the family, the process can be long and you would not want to do anything wrong to prolong it any further. This is why you need knowledge and professional help for your child adoption application in Nevada.


you have for preparing your adoption application in Nevada, the foremost is our complete knowledge of the legal process involved and the nitty-gritty of the application forms. Here is why we are so adept at preparing adoption applications for Nevada (or any other state of the country):

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A lot of people tend to take help from adoption attorneys for this job and some of them never realize just how much money and time they could save if they took the help of a specialized service like ours. Attorneys can take weeks to prepare your application while we guarantee a three-day return of the forms ready for submission in the courts. An attorney will also ask you for thousands of dollars for the job while we do the same with supreme quality of service on a fraction of the price.

Working with Rapid Adoption, you are joining thousands of families who had their adoption applications accepted in the first attempt. We can help you in applications for:

  • Step parent adoption in Nevada
  • Adult adoption in Nevada
  • Child adoption in Nevada
  • Relative adoption in Nevada

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Speaking of knowledge, the first thing every adoption applicant needs to learn is the state’s law. Adoption laws in Nevada are built with particular focus on ensuring the ward’s best interests are protected. This is why the state does a thorough assessment in the court before approving an adoption application. Knowing what is needed will help you navigate the road ahead.


As far as step parent adoption in Nevada is concerned, the state highly approves of it. This encouragement is shown in the simple legal process the state has maintained for step parent adoption over the decades. The legal requisites are few and most of them are usually already fulfilled by the petitioner by the time the application is filed.

For any type of child adoption in Nevada, you need to be at least ten years older than the minor you are adopting. If you are married, your spouse must be a co-applicant for the petition.
Child adoption in Nevada also requires you to be a legal resident of the state, having lived at least the six months leading to the petition here.


When it comes to adult adoption in Nevada, the state, in particular, has one simple condition: that you cannot adopt any adult who is older than you. This means if you are looking for relative adoption in Nevada, to bring an old uncle or grandmother home to live with the family, you cannot do so as their legal guardian.

Apart from that, the state does not object to adult adoption in Nevada as long as they are younger than the petitioner and provide consent for the adoption.
This condition of providing the adoptee’s consent is valid for all types of applications in which the adoptee is of 14 years of age or older (including step parent adoption and child adoption in Nevada).