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Adult adoption in New York is not completely discouraged, though it has a complex process for the applicant to follow. In the same vein, the adoption application itself is quite confusing and complicated. This is why people applying for adult adoption or step parent adoption in New York find professional help to get their applications ready for submission in the courts.


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Unlike adoption attorneys, who will take weeks to get your application ready after several conversations and interviews with you just so they can justify the thousands of dollars you agree to pay them in fee for preparing your application, we can do the job for a fraction of the price they charge.

When it comes to adoption applications in New York, we can help you with:

  • Step parent adoption in New York
  • Adult adoption in New York
  • Child adoption in New York
  • Relative adoption in New York

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With all these sophisticated processes, you should make sure you understand the basics of adoption laws in New York before you start working on your adoption petition. Regardless of the type of adoption you are applying for, you will need to get familiar with New York’s adoption laws even if you are getting professional help for your application.


Adult adoption in New York has a number of conditions that the petitioner must follow before the application can be finalized in their favor or even submitted into the courts in some cases. If you are applying for adult adoption in New York, you have to provide evidence that you are a legal resident of the state, having lived at least the last three months leading to the petition in a New York home. The adult you want to adopt should also provide express consent for the petition as must your spouse if you are a married adult.

There is no restriction on the nature of your relationship with the adult you want to adopt. Therefore, despite the difficult process, relative adoption in New York is legally permissible. You can adopt an older relative to get them the kind of family care they would appreciate in the later years.


The law governing step parent adoption in New York makes it a more complex request. There are a number of conditions that you need to follow before you can legally adopt your stepchild. If you have recently settled in the state, you can sign up for step parent adoption in New York as long as your period of residence in the state comes down to 90 days at the least before the petition is finalized in the courts.

With regard to child adoption in New York when the ward is not your spouse’s child, the conditions get a little tougher still. You will need your spouse to sign off on the petition if you are married as well as get the consent of the child’s birth parents unless their rights have been terminated by the state.