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Applications for step parent adoption in Louisiana can be quite tricky. With all the bureaucratic details that only legal and administrative professionals really know their way around, you are sure to get stuck in your Louisiana adoption application. Instead of getting an attorney’s help, which will cost you a lot of money and considerable time, take our help at a fraction of the costs.


While the legal process that begins after submission of your application may differ according to the type of adoption you seek, an adoption application in Louisiana itself requires the same kind of expertise.

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Our efficiency has also reduced our fees, which make a fraction of what you would pay an adoption attorney for the same job.

In short, we can give you even better service for your adoption application in Louisiana than a lawyer with a fraction of the fees involved.

We are helping clients with:

  • Step parent adoption in Louisiana
  • Adult adoption in Louisiana
  • Child adoption in Louisiana
  • Relative adoption in Louisiana

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Louisiana adoption laws are fairly simple like most other states in the country in most cases. Understanding the basics now will only help you from getting shocked when you apply for your petition.


As a step parent, adopting the child of your spouse shows a lot commitment and adds a lot of value to your relationships, bringing joy to the family. The process of step parent adoption in Louisiana is quite simple and has only a couple of stipulations that you will need to follow other than filling the forms appropriately. For example, you do not need to provide any express consent from the minor as long as they are younger than 18 years of age (in which case, they will not be a minor legally).

The same is true for an unrelated child’s adoption in Louisiana. The state will determine whether or not an application for child adoption in Louisiana should be granted or refused. Of course, the court weighs in to conclude what seems to be the better option for the child’s future.


Adult adoption in Louisiana is not so conveniently done, however. In fact, there are special procedures in place for when a person (or couple) wants to adopt an adult, related or otherwise. While relative adoption in Louisiana has lesser restrictions than an unrelated adult’s adoption in LA, the differences are few and not very significant.

Generally, these few conditions are required of a petitioner regardless of the type of adoption they are going for:

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older to petition for adoption of a minor or another adult.
  • You must provide express consent from the adult you are adopting.
  • You must be a resident of Louisiana for the last six months at least.