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Step parent adoption in Maine is a simple enough affair with all the convenience you could hope for. In fact, as much lenience has been given to the applicant in Maine as possible without compromising on the adoptee’s wellbeing. Other types of adoption petitions are also given much breathing room in comparison with other states of the country. What remains the same for all types of adoption petitions, however, are the complex forms and the confusing questions within.


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This kind of complexity can be expected from any legal process and documents involved. This is why people find our services to get a professional’s touch and insight for their petition.
Keeping in mind this complexity, we suggest all of our customers to understand the adoption laws of the state they are applying to. It helps them a lot in understanding the legal process involved and getting ready for what is coming after they file their petition in the courts. We strongly suggest you study the adoption laws of Maine for this reason, and we have included a brief account of the fundamentals in the following paragraphs for your convenience.


There is a lot of convenience for a petition of step parent adoption in Maine in comparison with most other states in the US. Apart from the home residency requirement for the adoptee, where your stepchild will be required to live under your roof for a year before the petition can be finalized (and even this condition can be waived by the court), you should not be concerned about much if your application is prepared well.

You are not required to have lived any specific period of time in the state to be eligible for adoption. In fact, you are not even required to be a resident of the state to file for adoption. However, you need the consent of the child’s birth parent with custody – you spouse – for the application and the minor’s consent must also be taken without force if they are 14 or older. The court will also interview the adoptee during a hearing session if they are 12 or older.

For other types of child adoption in Maine, such as an agency placement, you will need your spouse to be your co-petitioner and go through a fitness assessment after which you may be declared fit as a foster parent. In many cases of child adoption in Maine, the courts reduce the home residency period down to a few months.
You will also need the consent of the child’s birth parents in this case.


Adult adoption in Maine is as simple as child adoption. You will require your spouse to sign up as your co-applicant. You will need written consent of the adult you want to adopt. Also, the court may demand a certain period of home residency prior to wrapping up the petition.

At the same time, relative adoption in Maine is also possible. If you have a sick uncle or grandparent or a young niece or cousin without family, you can file for relative adoption in Maine courts on the grounds of your relationship with them.