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Georgia is one of the most populated states of USA. This is another reason why the adoption rate in the state is quite high. Step parent adoption in Georgia is the most popular type followed by adult adoption in Georgia.


This is an important distinction. While the adoption process in the state is simple, it is not easy. Filling out the application correctly can eat up a lot of your time and may even get your application refused repeatedly. Hiring a lawyer for this task is expensive and will cost you a lot more money than what we charge for our guaranteed services for:

  • Step parent adoption in Georgia
  • Child adoption in Georgia
  • Adult adoption in Georgia
  • Relative adoption in Georgia

Instead of giving away incredible attorney fees and having multiple meetings with them just to get the application ready, you can simply have your file prepared by us. It will charge you a fraction of the attorney fee and get the everything ready within 2-3 business days error-free.

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Like many other states in the US, Georgia adoption laws are not very complicated. For step parents and people looking for adult adoption in Georgia, this is good news. For child adoption in Georgia, a step parent only needs to be 10 years (or more) older than the step kid they are adopting and they will be eligible to file an application.

With a step parent adopting a child of their spouse, this is virtually a green signal in just about every case. Only a handful of cases of step parent adoption in Georgia, or in any other state, for that matter, would involve an age difference of less than 10 years. However, to ensure responsible parenting, this law prohibits a smaller age gap between the child in question and the adopting parent.


Similarly, adult adoption in Georgia also has simple eligibility criteria. As long as the adult being adopted gives a written consent, the application can be filed without any further legal requirements. In fact, the state of Georgia does not even have a prior home residency condition to make your case eligible for adult adoption in Georgia.

This paves way for many residents of the state to adopt their adult or younger relatives from other states of the US as well. If you have recently discovered a relative whom you want to adopt (for any number of reasons), you can do so with a proper and simple questionnaire to be to be submitted to us, and we will makes relative adoption in Georgia quite a simple process.