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Step parent adoption in Massachusetts entails a simple enough legal process, like many other parts of the United States. While the law now supports adoption and facilitates the process, it is unfortunate that the application forms involved are still as confusing as ever. Petitioners are left with no option other than seeking professional help and adoption attorneys are charging a small fortune in service fee.


Getting your adoption application in Massachusetts ready for the courts may not sound like an intimidating feat, but when you have spent hours on the forms trying to fill them by yourself, you will realize we meant it when we said you would need professional help.

Getting professional assistance for your petition saves you a lot of time and may even prevent a couple of lost attempts at submitting the forms and the courts sending you back for corrections.

When it comes to professional services for your adoption application in Massachusetts, you happen to have two major options. The first one is going to a family law firm and taking help from an adoption attorney, who will definitely do the job but also charge a hefty check for the services rendered and take over a week preparing your papers only to justify the fee.

Your other option is Rapid Adoption where we specialize in helping families grow and come a leap closer to welcoming in a new member. Over the past 15 years, we have prepared thousands of adoption petitions and helped families submit them in courts all across the United States with 100% success rate.

Working with us, you will pay a small fraction of an attorney’s fee and get your papers ready in three days.

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When we talk about why we are better than adoption attorneys below, we will tell you about true value for the money. For now, we want to share a suggestion we give to all our customers, and that is to understand the laws of the state you are applying to. For instance, you must get familiar with adoption laws in Massachusetts before you start working on your petition. This knowledge will help you determine what legal conditions you need to fulfill and get you ready for the legal process waiting for you once the petition is filed in the courts.


Applications for step parent adoption in Massachusetts are given much lenience. In fact, the state highly encourages this type of adoption for obvious reasons. So, there are only a handful of stipulations for an adoption application in this category. The first condition is that you must be a legal resident of the state to be eligible for adoption. Next, you must be legally married to a natural parent of the adoptee. In most cases of child adoption in Massachusetts, the courts require the adoptee to stay with their adopting parents for at least six months before the petition gets its final hearing. If your stepchild is 12 years of age or older, you will need their written consent as well as that of your spouse as their natural parent for your petition of step parent adoption in Massachusetts to succeed.

In other types of child adoption in Massachusetts, you will have to go through the same procedure but with the added conditions of the placement agency involved in the process.


Adult adoption in Massachusetts is much more restricted in comparison with child adoption. This is proven in the fact that the state does not allow you to adopt an adult who is older than you. As such, it would take you extraordinary arguments to get the courts to grant your petition for relative adoption in Massachusetts if you want to support a disabled old uncle, for example. It also implies the state prefers a parent-child relationship even in the case of adult adoption in Massachusetts, which is not unheard of in the United States.

Relative adoption in Massachusetts then becomes a possibility if you want to adopt an adult relative who happens to be younger than you. If it is so, you should persuade your spouse to sign up as co-applicant in your petition.