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Getting your application for adult adoption in Oklahoma ready can be a time-taking process even if the applications forms do not look very intimidating to you. In fact, this remains true for any and all types of adoption applications in Oklahoma. This is why you need professional help, and what we offer gives you much more value than what any adoption attorney can deliver.


If you understand Oklahoma’s adoption laws, you should also be told the adoption application in Oklahoma requires expert skill. You can sit down and try to fill up the forms yourself, but you might not understand some of the questions and the application might be rejected on such technical grounds.

Working with an adoption attorney, you can get the papers readied okay but it will cost you thousands of dollars and possibly weeks. Attorneys have to make the job look sophisticated so you feel the money you are giving them is justified.

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When it comes to adoption laws of Oklahoma, the state has made the process quite easy for all types of adoption applications. This is why understanding the state’s adoption laws now will help you get familiar with the process and know what to expect.


Adult adoption in Oklahoma does not have many requisites for a successful application. The state allows any adult to be adopted as long as they give their consent for the petition. In point of fact, the stipulations are more toward the applicant(s) than the adult being adopted. For instance, to be eligible for adopting an adult in Oklahoma, the petitioner must either be married or over 21 years of age (single or legally separated).

They must also be a resident of the state for at least six months leading up to the date of application. However, the court may waive this condition if the Judge so deems.

This is why relative adoption in Oklahoma is as simple as adoption of an unrelated adult, which is something one cannot say for most other states.


Step parent adoption in Oklahoma is also quite simple in process. If the child is 12 years of age or older, the step parent filing for adoption should have their express consent for the application. If the child is younger than 12, their parent married to the petitioner must give consent instead.

Similar to adult adoption in Oklahoma, the petitioner for child adoption in Oklahoma (even if they are going for step parent adoption in OK) must also have lived in the state for at least the six months leading up to the application. However, the Judge might waive this requirement if they see it fit.

In case of an unrelated child’s adoption in Oklahoma, the assigned agencies will look after the selection process and help the foster parents find a suitable child for their family.