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Cases of adult adoption in Missouri, as well as other types of adoption petitions, take months for the legal process to finish. It is a long wait for the highly anticipated day when you can have a new member in your family. Most applicants end up delaying it further by making mistakes in their forms, thanks to the jargon used and the confusing questions a lot of people cannot answer to their advantage simply because they sound too unclear… You can avoid all that by taking professional help for your adoption application in Missouri.


There are many reasons for choosing Rapid Adoption over any other service available. Working with us, you are getting your adoption application in Missouri prepared by specialists. This is not something we do on the side. It is the only business we are in. We build professional adoption applications across the United States. We have been doing this for over 15 years now, and we have maintained 100% success rate for acceptance of the forms we filled, which means none of the applications we ever prepared were refused submission in any courts in the continent.

Another reason why we say choosing us over any competition would be good for you is the fact that our services are as good as any professional agency’s but we charge a lot less than they do and take much lesser time as well. Our key competition is adoption attorneys and they charge thousands of dollars for preparing adoption applications in Missouri and take weeks to get one ready for submission. At Rapid Adoption, we guarantee a ready-to-submit application within three days. We can help you with:

  • Adult adoption in Missouri
  • Step parent adoption in Missouri
  • Child adoption in Missouri
  • Relative adoption in Missouri

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We also strongly suggest that you understand the adoption laws of Missouri before going for adoption. This is because, as is the case with many states in the country, Missouri has its own set of adoption laws. Understanding them will help you better prepare yourself and know what to expect once you have filed your petition.


As far as adult adoption in Missouri is concerned, the law is fairly simple and quite convenient. In fact, there are only a couple of conditions that you must fulfill apart (from the obvious) before your application can be accepted in the courts. The first one is to provide evidence that you have been legally residing in the state of Missouri for the six months prior to when you file your petition for adoption. The other condition for adult adoption in Missouri is that the adoptee gives express consent for the adoption.

The state does not have special restriction based on the fact of blood relations when it comes to adult adoption in Missouri. So, if you are going for relative adoption in Missouri – such as an old uncle or a younger cousin who is an adult – the application will be prepared the same way as with an unrelated adult adoptee.


Step parent adoption in Missouri is also quite simple. In most cases, the adopting parent is already living with their spouse (or partner) and their children, and the petition is submitted to legally formalize their parenthood.  In most such cases, other fundamental requirements for a successful Missouri step parent adoption application are also satisfied already, such as physical and mental ability to lead a family, financial stability required, a home, and such.

However, these matters are thoroughly investigated in case of unrelated child’s adoption in Missouri. The adopting parent (or couple) must also be willing to work with the birth parents of the child they are adopting if the court asks for it.

Another important matter is that of providing consent of the adoptee. Regardless of whether it is a case of step parent adoption in Missouri or any other type of petition for child adoption in Missouri, the adoptee must provide consent if they are 14 years of age or older.

You must also provide evidence of legal residence in the state for the last six months for your child application in Missouri to be accepted by the courts.