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Step parent adoption in Mississippi is carried with a straightforward legal process with a lot of room and convenience for the applicant as well as their family. In point of fact, most types of adoption petitions are given considerable support in the Magnolia State. However, the process of preparing the application is quite daunting and confusing in its own right, thanks to the bureaucratic language of these documents. This is why most applicants are taking professional help for their adoption applications in Mississippi.


While understanding the law will help you immensely with the process ahead, it is of little use when you are trying to decode the cryptic application forms. Preparing your adoption application for Mississippi courts will need a professional’s touch.

Your first option is an adoption attorney, naturally. That’s who everybody thinks about when they are in stuck with this problem. While an adoption attorney would be qualified to prepare your application forms, they will charge thousands of bucks and take several days (sometimes weeks) to finish the job.

On the other hand, at Rapid Adoption, we will charge you a small fraction of a lawyer’s fee and complete your application in just three days (if not sooner).

This kind of expertise and quality come from our experience of over 15 years helping families grow with applications we prepared. We work in every state of the country. We take pride in the fact that none of our applications was ever refused submission in any courts of the United States, which means we have a success rate of 100%,

We can assist you with the following types of adoption applications:

  • Step parent adoption in Mississippi
  • Adult adoption in Mississippi
  • Child adoption in Mississippi
  • Relative adoption in Mississippi

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Nevertheless, when we say adoption applications get “support” in Mississippi, it is not to imply that the rights or interest of the adoptee are compromised in any way. In fact, the state has a few rigid conditions in place to make sure any kind of abuse is completely avoided.

For this reason and others, we always strongly advise our customers to study the adoption laws of Mississippi so that they go in prepared, knowing what to expect from the application as well as the legal process that follows its submission.


An application for step parent adoption in Mississippi has its liberties but also some limitations. For instance, while a person applying for step parent adoption in Mississippi is only required to have lived for only three months before the petition is filed (and even that can be waived by the court), same-sex couples cannot apply for any kind of child adoption in Mississippi. While a lot of states are making it legal for members of the LGBT community to adopt, some are still not open to the idea.

Another important requirement for step parent adoption in Mississippi is for your stepchild to live for a period of six months in your house prior to the occasion of petition filing. While the court may waive this condition, you should keep it in mind.

Child adoption in Mississippi is also done for foster parents through state organized agencies and placements. In such cases as well as those of step parent adoption, the adoptee must provide written consent to the petition that must be submitted to the court with your forms if they are of 14 years of age or older.


Adult adoption in Mississippi has some of the same conditions as child adoption, except, in this case, no agency is usually used for a placement. In fact, most cases of adult adoption are initiated when there is already some kind of a relationship between the applicant and the adoptee. A most common case of such adoption is relative adoption in Mississippi where the applicant is trying to legally adopt an elderly relative, like a grandparent or uncle who may be in need of the kind of care and love only family can provide.

For adult adoption in Mississippi to succeed, be it an unrelated adult or a case of relative adoption in Mississippi, the adoptee’s consent must be taken as well as your spouse’s (if you are married).