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Step parent adoption in Connecticut is a fairly convenient matter as far as the legal requirements are concerned. Stepchild adoption is encouraged in just about every part of the country, for obvious reasons. Other types of adoption petitions go through a lot more scrutiny with greater burden of responsibility on the state. However, every petitioner goes through the same problems when it comes to filling the application forms for the courts.


Now that you know the law of the land, you should get going with your adoption application for Connecticut courts. Of course, for this you need a professional’s insights and help.

When it comes to this kind of help, the first option you may go for is that of contacting an adoption attorney. However, going to a law firm has more disadvantages than benefits. That is because, while they may certainly be qualified to do a good job with your application forms, they will charge you thousands of dollars for the service and take several days to justify the fee.

On the other hand, you can contact us for the same kind of help. At Rapid Adoption, we have been helping families with their adoption petitions for over 15 years now. During this period, we have made thousands of successful petitions and kept a success rate of 100% for submission in the first attempt.  We are experts for applications for all states of the country and for some areas of Canada.

Interestingly, we provide this kind of value to our customers in return for a small fraction of the fee an attorney would charge and your papers will be ready in three days!

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This is why we strongly suggest that every petitioner gets professional help for their applications. Another thing that we suggest to every single one of our customers is to get familiar with the adoption laws of their state. You should do that as well and learn the basics of the adoption laws of Connecticut. This knowledge will help you in two ways: (1) you will get a clear picture of the legal requirements that you must fulfill to make your petition succeed, and (2) you will learn what to expect from the legal process once you have submitted your petition.


Step parent adoption in Connecticut has a very few legal conditions to fulfill. These include the necessary requirement that you should be a resident of the state at the time of filing the petition. However, there is no specific period of time that you are required to have spent before filing for adoption in the state. Similarly, there is no requirement for your stepchild to spend a particular period of time under your roof before you can file your application. You will, however, need your spouse’s written consent as the natural parent of the adoptee and that of the minor if they are of 12 years of age or older.

If you pursue child adoption in Connecticut through a placement agency, you will have to fulfill very similar conditions except this time you will need your spouse to join you as co-petitioner and get written consent from the birth parents of the child you are adopting. You will also have to go through a fitness assessment before the state registers you as a foster parent. While the courts usually allow it, sometimes same-sex couples are refused their petitions of child adoption in Connecticut.


Adult adoption in Connecticut is almost just as simple and has only a few legal conditions for a petition to fulfill in advance. Along with written consent from the adult you are adopting, you must also get the same from their spouse if they are married, particularly if you are younger in age. Adult adoption in Connecticut also does not ask for any home residency before the petition is submitted or finalized.

Similarly, you can file a petition for relative adoption in Connecticut if you have an elderly member of the family who needs the care and love only family can provide. However, petitions of relative adoption in Connecticut can be filed for younger relatives as well.