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Step parent adoption in Michigan is one of the most popular types of adoptions done in the state, much like in most other parts of the country. All other adoption types are generally given more scrutiny for obvious reasons. The application forms, also quite like the rest of the country, are confusing and leave a layperson what answer goes where. Unfortunately, this is what most legal forms are like, which is why, just like other legal forms, you should get professional for your adoption petition as well.


Once you are familiar with the law, the next step is to prepare your adoption application for Michigan courts. This is the part where we suggest you get professional help just like you would for any other legal application that involved something as important as your family.

The professional help you can get to prepare your petition papers can come from two options. The first option is an adoption attorney or family law firm. Although the people involved in this option will be qualified to get the job done, they will make you a bill costing thousands of dollars for the service. They will also take over a week to get your forms ready to justify the fee.

Your other option is Rapid Adoption. We are a professional service dedicated to preparing adoption applications. This is something we have been doing for over 15 years, and so far we have helped thousands of families make their dream of expanding the family easier.

At Rapid Adoption, we are proud of what we do, not to mention how well we do it. In fact, we have 100% success rate for our applications, none of which has ever been refused submission in a court across the United States.

Working with us, you will get this kind of quality for a small fraction of the price you would pay an adoption attorney and within three days.

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Another significantly important step you can take before working on your petition is to understand the adoption laws of Michigan. Doing so would not only help you prepare your application, knowing what conditions apply on your type of application, but also make you ready for the legal process waiting for you once you have finally completed and submitted your petition in the courts.


Step parent adoption in Michigan is encouraged by the courts for the obvious reason that this is one way of bringing order to the social system. The more, and stronger, the families in the state are the fewer problems the state has to deal with. The few conditions that you have to satisfy include getting consents from your spouse as the natural parent of the adoptee and the minor’s if they are 14 or over. Similarly, the adoptee has to live under your roof for at least six months before your petition for step parent adoption in Michigan is approved, but that might already have happened if your spouse has been living with you.

If you are going for child adoption in Michigan through a placement agency, you must have your spouse be a co-applicant for the petition. The child you are adopting should also provide their consent, if they are 14 or older, and spend a designated period of residence in your home before the application for child adoption in Michigan is granted by the court.


Applications for adult adoption in Michigan courts are now accepted. The legal requirements are few and simple. You will require the consent of your spouse in case you are applying as a married person. You will also need the written consent of the adult you are adopting to be submitted with your petition for adult adoption in Michigan courts.

Along with the condition of consent, you might have to provide a designated period of home residency in case of adult relative adoption in Michigan. In fact, that might be required even for an unrelated adoptee.

In case the adult you are adopting is married, it is always wise to get written consent from their spouse as well.