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The legal process involved with an application for step parent adoption in North Carolina is fairly simple and does not involve any stipulations that a person familiar with other states’ adoption laws would find unusual. This is true for all types of adoption applications in North Carolina. At the same time, the application forms are also as typically confusing to a layman as in any other American state. This is why professional help is strongly recommended.


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Over the last 15 years, we have helped thousands of families across all the states of the country to grow their families and feel the happiness it comes with. Our role in your adoption application in North Carolina will be limited to getting the application ready for submission and giving you any important tips about the legal process ahead as well as we can.

You will find adoption attorneys basically providing the same service but they charge ten times the fee we do for this service, not to mention they will take weeks to prepare your application while we take three business days at most.

We can assist you in getting any of the following applications ready for submission:

  • Step parent adoption in North Carolina
  • Adult adoption in North Carolina
  • Child adoption in North Carolina
  • Relative adoption in North Carolina

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Adoption laws in North Carolina are built around a strong belief that the state is responsible for the welfare of the citizens, especially when they are being given in the legal charge of a stranger. This focus is demonstrated in some of the conditions North Carolina’s adoption laws enforce with vigor. This is why you should get familiar with the laws involved before you take the first step following your decision to adopt. This knowledge will help you get ready and understand what to expect once your petition has been successfully accepted for processing.


Step parent adoption in North Carolina is also affected by these laws and conditions, even though it is the easiest types of adoption. For instance, as the adopting step parent, you are required to have lived in North Carolina for at least six months before you file for adoption. You cannot file your petition assuming the required period will be completed before the application is finalized. In fact, the application will not be accepted in the court at all if this period has not already been completed except if the presiding Judge waives it for good cause.

In every case for step parent adoption in North Carolina, the child being adopted must first live with the adopting step parent for at least 90 days during the application process. The applicant should also get consent from the child if they are 12 or older.

All these conditions also hold for cases of child adoption in North Carolina when you are not filing to adopt a stepchild. Additionally, you will need the birth parents’ consent for petition in case of your application for an unrelated child’s adoption in North Carolina.


Adult adoption in North Carolina permits petitions for any adult except your spouse. The usual conditions apply, including your legal residency period leading up to the submission of your petition and the requirement for the adoptee to have resided in North Carolina for at least three months before you submit your petition. They should also give express consent for your petition of adult adoption in North Carolina to succeed.

You can also apply for relative adoption in North Carolina to give the love and care to your elderly relations that only family can provide. You must also get consent from your spouse if you are applying for unrelated adult adoption or relative adoption in North Carolina.