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Step parent adoption in Idaho receives a lot of convenience and leniency in legal requirements for an adoption petition in comparison with other types of adoptions in the state. At the same time, the application forms pose the risk of the same kind of headache regardless of the adoption type involved. As a legal document, your adoption application needs to be filled very carefully and without error or you risk prolonging the legal process. This is why your best option is taking professional help.


Those basics of the Idaho’s law were included to help you be informed of how things work and what to expect for your petition. Similarly, the suggestion to take professional help or your adoption application in Idaho is given with sincerity and based on experience of many applicants who started off working on the application forms themselves and ended up bringing them to us.

Rapid Adoption is a professional service provider working across all the states of the country and in some areas of Canada. We specialize in preparing ironclad adoption applications. We have 15 years of experience of helping American and Canadian families come closer to their dream of expanding their family with a new member to share in their love and blessings. We are proud of the work we do, making families genuinely happy.

The quality of our service is demonstrated in the fact that no application of ours has ever been refused for submission in any courts of the US. We have thus maintained 100% success rate for our applications.
No one else providing this service can boast of such a statistic, including adoption attorneys, who may be qualified to fill your adoption application for Idaho courts but will charge you thousands of dollars for the job and take over a week getting your papers ready to justify the fee.

We can help you with the following for a fraction of an attorney’s fee and get your application ready in three days.

  • Step parent adoption in Idaho
  • Adult adoption in Idaho
  • Child adoption in Idaho
  • Relative adoption in Idaho

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Another smart thing for you to do as an applicant is to get familiar with Idaho’s adoption laws. This is something we suggest all of our customers to do while we prepare their application for them. This knowledge will allow you to learn the specifics of the adoption laws in Idaho and note which ones apply to your petition. It will also enable you to understand what to expect once you have finally submitted your application forms and documents.


Step parent adoption in Idaho, which is a specific sub-type of child adoption in Idaho, gets a lot of lenience when it comes to the legal requisites of an adoption application. This is due to the fact that the state strongly encourages this kind of adoption that allows an already settled family to formalize relationships and responsibility.

This is why such conditions as at least a 15-year gap between the adopting adult and the adoptee minor, necessary for all other types of child adoption in Idaho, is not a requirement for an application of step parent adoption in Idaho.

Similarly, for all other types of child adoption in Idaho, the applicant must be at least 25 years of age (or be 15 years older than the adoptee), except in the case of step parent adoption in Idaho for which there are no such restrictions. Whichever case it may be, however, you must get your spouse’s consent as well as that of the adoptee if they are 12 years of age or older.


Adult adoption in Idaho was controversial until a much recent time because the state did not then allow same-sex marriage or parentage. Now that this prohibition has been lifted, there is no need for restricting adult adoption in Idaho so much.

Relative adoption in Idaho is not very common in the state, but adoption for unrelated adults is most being done in cases where the adopting adult has had a parent-child relationship with the adoptee adult in the past. If you can establish this kind of a relationship going back at least a year, your petition can be granted.