Adult Adoption in Texas

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Adult adoption in Texas, though common, is a complex matter. It requires forms to be filled in the right order with the correct supplementary documents. You should also know that, while the state allows any person to be adopted, you will need express consent from the adult you are adopting.

Adult adoption in Texas can be petitioned for any adult, whether they are related to you or not. Applications for relative adoption in Texas get much more easily accepted owing to the fact that most such applications are looking to adopt old family members. Giving them in the care of a younger and able relative ensures better care for them and happy years with the family.


Step parent adoption in Texas also runs on a simple enough process. It does take more time than you would expect it to, though. In many cases, step parent adoption in Texas also requires you to have express consent from your spouse on behalf of the child if they are younger than 12 years of age.

Similarly, if you are pursuing an unrelated child’s adoption in Texas, you will have to provide them residence for six months prior to the final court hearing on your petition. Also, if you are married, you will need your spouse to be a co-applicant with you for child adoption in Texas.


How long adoption takes in Texas can vary from case to case, depending upon the complexity of the situation. Essentially, the process has two main steps: (1) You submit the correctly filled Texas adoption application, and (2) the court will then assign a date for you to make your adoption statement in front of a judge which will lead to a final hearing several weeks later once the court has made sure you have provided everything required for the process.