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Adult adoption in Illinois is a little more complex than most other states. The same goes for other kinds of adoption applications, including step parent adoption in Illinois and child adoption in Illinois. You need expert help with your application and, instead of giving away thousands of dollars in attorney fees, not to mention their lengthy process, you can get affordable and fast Illinois adoption application services from us.


While the adoption process may be simple in some cases, preparing an adoption application in Illinois is not a very easy task, which is why you require professional assistance or you might never get your application approved.

Most people think they need to hire an adoption attorney to get their adoption applications in Illinois ready for submission. It is true that an attorney will be able to help, but they always charge handsome amounts and take plenty of time to get things going.

On the other hand, you have us. At Rapid Adoption, you will find our process highly efficient and streamlined. Over the last 15 years preparing adoption applications across the country, we have perfected our services, having filled thousands of applications with 100% success rate.

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To understand eligibility and wrinkles in the process, you should learn how Illinois adoption laws can affect your application.


While the state allows adult adoption, it does not give you the freedom to adopt anybody you want. The limitations in place are for good reason, too, but the fact of the matter is you can only file for adult adoption in Illinois if the person you are adopting has been living in your home.

Applications for relative adoption in Illinois get more relaxation for obvious reasons. For instance, you do not need to demonstrate co-living if you are adopting an adult relative. Similarly, you do not need to have lived for at least 06 months in the state prior to filing your petition if you are applying for relative adoption in Illinois, which is something you must do in case you are going for an unrelated adult’s adoption in Illinois.


However, whether it is an adult you are adopting or going for child adoption in Illinois, you need to include your spouse as a co-applicant in your petition. The only exception to this rule is the case of step parent adoption in Illinois. For these applications, you will need the consent of your spouse as the parent of the child being adopted.

Furthermore, whether it is an unrelated child’s adoption in Illinois or step parent adoption, you will need the adoptee’s written consent for your application if they are 14 years of age or older.
Apart from this, step parent adoption in Illinois and the process for applications of child adoption in IL is fairly straightforward.

If you are going for child adoption in Illinois, we will be able to help you in getting and reviewing the birth certificate of the child you are adopting so that you get the right information before you adopt the child.