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Step parent adoption in Alabama gets special encouragement from the state, which is a sign of the state’s interest in keeping the institution of family in the centre of the state’s social system. While other types of adoptions have a number of restrictions, this one is fairly straightforward and easy to convene. The application forms, however, are equally confusing for all types of adoptions in virtually all states of the country. This is why you would be prudent to get professional help for your application.


When it comes to getting your adoption application in Alabama ready for the courts, you definitely require the help of a professional service provider. A lot of people look up adoption attorneys and get them to prepare the petition forms. While these attorneys are certainly qualified to do a good job, they will take thousands of dollars as fees for services rendered and take over a week to get your application ready so they can justify the handsome fee they charged you.

Working with Rapid Adoption, you will find we provide the same quality of service, if not better, with a small percentage of what you would pay to the adoption attorney and with a promise of a three-day turnaround time.

We have over 15 years’ experience of getting adoption applications ready for submission and no petition has been refused submission or sent back for revisions so far. We operate in all of the United States. You can get our specialized help for:

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  • Adult adoption in Alabama
  • Child adoption in Alabama
  • Relative adoption in Alabama

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Another important step that we suggest every client of ours to take while we work on their application forms is to understand their state’s adoption laws. If you are applying in AL, you should at least get some command on the basics of the adoption laws of Alabama. This will allow you to prepare for the legal process ahead and avoid any pitfalls you would otherwise fall into. Understanding Alabama’s adoption laws will also benefit you and your co-applicant for your imminent court hearings.


Step parent adoption in Alabama has only a very few conditions for the applicant to satisfy before their petition can be granted. The first condition is your legal residence in the state, though no particular period of time is put in writing as necessary. Therefore, as long as you are a legal resident adult, you can submit your petition for step parent adoption in Alabama. While there is a condition of home residency of 60 days prior to the petition is finalized (which means your stepchild must live with you for this period), it is mostly already satisfied owing to the fact that married couples usually live under one roof with their minor children.
Another convenient condition is the written consent of your spouse as the birth parent of the adoptee and that of the adoptee as well if they are 14 or older.

If you pursue child adoption in Alabama through a government agency or placement program, you might have to go through a home study conducted by an expert social worker to approve you as an eligible foster parent. In case you are married, you must get your spouse to sign up as a co-applicant for your petition and get the adoptee’s consent for a successful petition of child adoption in Alabama.


Adult adoption in Alabama is, like a few other states, limited to a certain purpose. In Alabama, this purpose is to provide support and care to mentally disturbed or physically disabled individuals. Family that wants to keep such relations at home to give them the care and love only family can give can have an adult among them file for relative adoption in Alabama courts on grounds of the adoptee’s inability to care for themselves.

Whether you are pursuing relative adoption in Alabama or filing for adult adoption in Alabama to adopt an unrelated adult, the purpose of the adoption cannot change and, in case the adoptee is mentally capable to make an informed choice, they must give consent for your petition.