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With all the anticipation and joys a new family member’s adoption brings, the legal process can cause a lot of delays if a layman prepares the applications. Adult adoption in California is one such example. In fact, whether you are pursuing child adoption in California, step parent adoption, or relative adoption, it is wise to take professional help for California adoption forms.


There are many kinds of adoption applications, and a lot of people get confused with the long list of requirements that come with each of them. Whenever you are going through California adoption forms, we will be here to help you with understanding them. In fact, we will take over the whole thing and prepare your application for you and we will do it so fast you might have trouble believing we did a good job.

The fact is we have done this so many times we understand every possible complication that may arise with your California adoption forms.

Having said that, every application and client we serve gets equal attention and the best of our professional adoption services. We maintain high quality of services so that every case we serve and every adoption application we prepare for our clients gets through the procedures fast and with positive results. So far, we have helped thousands of customers across the country with 100% success rate.

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Understanding state law before you pursue adult adoption in California is not an unwise idea. Fortunately, the adoption laws in California are fairly easy to follow. When it comes to adult adoption of a person not related to you by blood, any adult can be adopted as long as they provide written consent. 

This works for when you are pursuing relative adoption in California as well. These cases usually arise when citizens want to adopt a relative from another country to bring them to the stronger social and legal system of the United States. The matter is rife with problems, as one would expect, because the legal requisites of adopting adults, especially from other countries are many.

If you are adopting a related minor, they need to be at least 10 years younger than you and your spouse (if you are married). However, the court may approve exemption in case of a direct blood relation or the case discussed below.

This is why you need professionals to help you with California adult adoption application as well as relative adoption in CA. As a firm that has helped countless clients with this problem, we have streamlined processes to get your application ready for submission in appropriate courts in no time and incredibly affordable fees.


As more and more people are showing kindness toward children without families by adopting them as their own, step parent adoption of babies does not get as much appreciation as it should. While it is an immensely good deed, the legal and administrative requirements of the process can drive anybody crazy. This is why California step parent adoption has now become a specialty of businesses like ours.

Child adoption in California is also maintained through a couple of restrictions. Your California child adoption application will only be eligible for submission if you and your spouse are both at least 10 years older than the minor in question unless you are direct blood relation or their step parent.

For a step parent, adoption in California can be convenient enough. If the child is over 12 years of age, as long as they give written consent, you can adopt them with the court’s approval, while such consent is not needed for younger children.