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Adult adoption in Alaska is given a lot of leniency in the courts now that the system has evolved and the ways that led to untoward uses of this facility have been chalked out. Other types of adoption also have better chances of success now, leading to better results in the state. What does not seem to change is the documents involved, and more and more applicants get their papers rejected, take them to professionals, and then submit them in another attempt. This is why we suggest applicants to get professional help with their adoption applications from the start.


Equipped with the legal knowledge, you can now start working on your adoption application in Alaska. If you are one of those people who like taking care of documents themselves, you will soon feel no amount of effort you put in can make your application really good.

This is the reason a lot of applicants now run to an adoption attorney the day they decide they want to file for adoption. The problem with adoption attorneys is, although they are qualified to prepare your papers, they will take a big sum for their service fee and also take over a week to justify it.

Working with Rapid Adoption, you get the service from a dedicated agency that has helped thousands of families with their adoption applications across the United States. We are proud of the joy we are giving to these families and our dedication is shown in the fact that we have 100% success rate for petition submission.

We take only three days to prepare your file and charge a small fraction of an attorney’s fee.

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  • Relative adoption in Alaska

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Another tip we always give to our customers is to learn the law of the state they are applying in. For instance, we would suggest you get familiar with the adoption laws in Alaska. The knowledge you get from that research will not only help you make a good case for your petition but also learn what to expect when the papers are submitted.
For your convenience, we are including some details regarding Alaska’s adoption laws in the following paragraphs.


Beginning with adult adoption in Alaska, the law is fairly simple and easy to follow. The state does not require you to have lived any particular period of time in the state before you become eligible for a petition. In the same vein, the adult you are adopting is not required to live any set period of time in your home before the petition is finalized. This requirement is determined by the court on case-to-case basis.

For your petition of adult adoption in Alaska, you will need a written consent from the adult you are adopting. In fact, this condition stands even if you are pursuing relative adoption in Alaska and the relative you want to adopt is an adult. Unless they do not have the mental capacity to make this decision or the physical ability to write a note, this consent will be necessary.


Moving on, step parent adoption in Alaska is made even easier in comparison when it comes to the legal process involved. That is done for the obvious benefits it does to the society as a whole.

For these reasons, an application for step parent adoption in Alaska has very few conditions that you must satisfy for your petition. You can apply for this type of adoption if you are a legal resident of the state. Since your spouse and the child you are adopting already live with you, there is a big chance the court will waiver a stipulation for home residency prior to the final hearing.  The court can also waive the adoptee’s consent, which is usually required if the child is 10 or over. You will, however, need the express consent of your spouse as the birth parent of the adoptee.

Most of these conditions apply even if you pursue child adoption in Alaska through a placement agency. However, you will require the express consent of the adoptee’s natural parents in case of unrelated child adoption in Alaska.