Oregon Adoption Forms

The Beaver State is a great place for living as well as adopting new members into your family. The application process is, however, not so layman friendly and you will need professional help with your application for adult adoption in Oregon as well as child adoption (step parent or otherwise) and relative adoption in Oregon.


We have been doing this for many years. As long as you provide us with necessary information, we can build your adoption application within 2-3 business days. And that’s a promise.
Applicants often consult adoption attorneys in Oregon for preparing their applications and filing it. That costs them some monetary damage and a lot of time as an attorney would want to show you they have been doing hard work on your application and do this job after a couple of interviews.

Working with us, you only provide the necessary information and we give you back the application ready to submit. We can prepare all of the following Oregon adoption applications for you:

  • Adult adoption in Oregon
  • Child adoption in Oregon
  • Relative adoption in Oregon
  • Step parent adoption in Oregon

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Adoption of a new member can be a really exciting time for any family. The days leading up to the new arrival are filled with anticipation and joy.

If you do not understand the state law, this period of wait can become excruciatingly long for as simple a reason as filling your Oregon adoption application form erroneously. We will discuss the best remedy to this problem in just a minute.

Oregon adoption laws give permission to any stable unmarried adult and married couple to adopt another person, who could be an adult as well as a minor. While many couples prefer adopting newborn babies, step parents hardly get enough appreciation for doing the same for their spouse. In fact, step parent adoption in Oregon as well as many other states is looked at as something ordinary. While it may be expected of decent adults, the step itself requires a lot of commitment.

Similarly, there is a limitation on who can adopt another person in the state of Oregon. You need to be a resident of the state for at least six months before you can file an adoption application. Also, if the minor being adopted is older than 14 years, you will require their written consent to go with the application forms. Prior residency is not required, however.


With the state being very sympathetic to the cause of adoption, adult adoption in Oregon can become complicated due to the application process. However, as long as you are a stable citizen of the state, you can adopt another adult, which may be done for any number of reasons. Whether you are thinking about relative adoption in Oregon or an unrelated adult adoption in Oregon for other personal reasons, you can apply with the state courts with appropriate documentation, which includes written consent from the adult being adopted.