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Step parent adoption in Nebraska, like in almost every other state in the country, is the most convenient type of adoption. In comparison, other common types of adoptions have to tend to a greater number of conditions before they are accepted for submission in the courts. In Nebraska, this gulf grows bigger, as adult adoption in Nebraska has been limited to only a certain kind of cases. However, what is common among all types of petitions is the confusing nature of the application forms involved.


Now that you know the legal conditions involved for your adoption application in Nebraska, you should get going with the papers. If you want to prepare the application yourself, you will soon realize you need professional help, and when you come to this conclusion, you will have two options to choose from.

The first option is getting help from a law firm. While an adoption attorney will certainly be qualified to take care of the application forms, they will bill you thousands of dollars for the service and you will have to wait for many days before you get the forms back.

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For this reason, a lot of people come to find us. While we will discuss the advantages of our services momentarily, we would like to share an important suggestion here. It is something we request all of our customers to do and it has always helped them. The suggestion is simple: learn the law of the land. You should also learn the adoption laws of Nebraska before you submit your petition to the state’s courts. It will help you in understanding the legal process that comes once you have filed your petition.


Your petition for step parent adoption in Nebraska requires you to be a legal resident of the state prior to filing your petition, although no period of time is specified for this condition. You will also need to work on consents, getting one in writing from your spouse as the natural parent and legal custodian of the child you are adopting and another one from the adoptee minor if they are 14 years of age or older.

Another important condition that you need to fulfill is the home residency requirement for the adoptee. Your stepchild will need to live under your roof for at least six months before the petition gets its final hearing in the court. However, since most married couples live together with their minor children, only a little amount of this period may be left to see through by the time you decide to legally adopt your stepchild.

Child adoption in Nebraska is encouraged in most of its forms. Apart from step parent adoption, you can also apply as a foster parent. For that, however, you will need to get your spouse’s participation as co-applicant in the petition and the written consent of the child’s natural parents. Similarly, petitions for child adoption in Nebraska made through a placement agency also require for the placed child to live with the foster parents for six months before the petition is finalized.


Adult adoption in Nebraska has been restricted to only those cases where the adopting person happens to be the natural parent of the adult who had previously lived in foster care or in the custody of the other birth parent. As such, when you go for adult adoption, you are actually filing for relative adoption in Nebraska courts.

For such relative adoption in Nebraska, you will need written consent from the adoptee adult and get your spouse to sign up as your co-applicant. The silver lining is the waiver of home residency condition for the adult child you are adopting.