Adult Adoption in Colorado: Get Professional Application Help

Adult adoption in Colorado has a very particular purpose to it. The state also has a rather unique set of limitations to age for many of its conditions associated with adoption. With these sophisticated regulations, the application forms are also quite confusing, though this aspect of adoption applications in Colorado is not unique to this state. Such legal documents are virtually the same across the United States when it comes to leave a layperson teetering. This is why professional help is suggested for preparation of adoption petitions.


Now that you understand the fundamentals of the law involved, you are ready to work on your adoption application for Colorado courts. However, this is something for which you need professional assistance unless you want to waste hours upon hours on the forms and submit them just to be told you did not do a good job. If this has already happened, you should not feel bad. The fault is not yours. In fact, this is the case with most legal forms you will come across.

You can take help from an adoption attorney. While they will do the job just fine with every answer in the right place with the right information, they will charge you thousands of dollars and take over a week to get the papers ready.

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While a professional service can take care of your adoption application, you have to get ready for the process ahead yourself. Understanding the adoption laws in Colorado will help you get a good grip on the legal requirements your application may have to satisfy. You will also get a very good idea of what to expect once you finally submit the adoption application in the courts.


Adult adoption in Colorado is strictly regulated by the Domestic Matters Law and applicants are allowed to adopt an adult only to nominate them as an heir to the applicant’s estate. Adult adoption in Colorado seems to be limited to this one purpose. The state does not see the need for an adult to be adopted for other reasons.

Relative adoption in Colorado is not utterly forbidden. In fact, since there is no specific statute prohibiting relative adoption in Colorado, you may want to adopt somebody related to you by blood to protect your wealth and keep it in the family.

Other than this, there are no restrictions for adult adoption in Colorado. You should, of course, get written consent from the adult you are adopting. Also, if you are married, you should get your spouse to be a co-applicant in your petition.


The state of Colorado, however, does not require any home residency for any types of adoption applications, which makes step parent adoption in Colorado even more convenient with no other serious condition getting in the way of the petition filing.  Generally, though, the courts will require you to be over 21 years of age before you can petition for child adoption in Colorado, though this condition may be waived by the courts for good cause.

If the child you are adopting, whether they are your stepchild or unrelated to you and your spouse, is of 12 years of age or older, their written consent will be required for your application. This condition, again, may not be required in case you pursue child adoption in Colorado through a state designated adoption agency.

One more thing: You do not need to be formally married to somebody to adopt their child in Colorado; just being in a civil union will do the job.