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Adult adoption in North Dakota has become more popular over the recent years for a number of reasons. The state of North Dakota is sympathetic to the case of adult adoption and has made the legal obligations quite simple, particularly in comparison with child adoption (or step parent adoption). However, North Dakota adoption application is still not very simple for a layman. So, professional help is always advised.


There may be a number of reasons for which an adult may adopt another adult. In North Dakota, these causes are usually related to one of the following three reasons:

  1. Adult adoption may be done to protect family inheritance or name. For example, a childless couple may adopt an adult to give their inheritance to somebody they prefer, or an old couple with only daughters for children may choose an adult male to continue the family name.
  2. Adult adoption in North Dakota may be done to make an existing relationship a formal one. For instance, an old business tycoon adopted his girlfriend in 2012, after which he immediately not only became her guardian but the lady also became a member of the family trust.
  3. Another popular reason for adult adoption in North Dakota is to take formal legal responsibility for an adult’s care who is in need but cannot make reliable decisions about their welfare, such as a person with a mental handicap.

Whatever your reason may be, our professional adult adoption service is available to make your North Dakota adoption application a successful one.

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Similarly, the number of adoptive parents in North Dakota is increasing, thanks to able couples without a child – or for the sake of providing for foster children just because they can – adopting children from foster homes and other such facilities.

There is also the matter of step parent adoption in North Dakota. These are step parents who want to legally adopt the children of their spouse from an earlier relationship or marriage. People often do it as a sign of commitment to their spouse and out of love for the child they already are a step parent to.

Whatever the case, child adoption in North Dakota is a complicated process, which has a number of legal requisites that every applicant has to satisfy before their case is processed through the appropriate departments of the state. With our specialized teams and streamlined processes, we can help you ideally with your North Dakota adoption application if you are going for step father adoption or child adoption in North Dakota.


People may find their lost relatives in a later part of their life and want to support them through legal adoption, whether they are adults or not. Relative adoption in North Dakota is also common and, depending on whether or not the adoptee is adult or not, the application process may differ significantly.

Regardless of the two cases, we can surely help you make your relative adoption in North Dakota simple and fast.

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