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Step parent adoption in Kansas is something that the state strongly encourages. This is shown in the simplicity of the legal process involved with the kind of convenience for the petitioner that is hard to come by in the USA. The application forms are sadly not so accommodating regardless of the type of adoption you are going for. This is why most applicants seek professional help for their adoption application in Kansas.


The contrast in the simplicity of the legal process involved and the difficulty a layman faces in preparing the actual adoption application in Kansas can be shocking. Applicants often download the forms and set down filling them for submission but realize the problem is getting out of hand.

At this point, a lot of people check Google or the yellow pages for adoption attorneys. While taking help from an attorney with this problem is something most people would do, the price to their services can be a lot more than the legal fees you settle on. They might take weeks to complete the forms to justify the thousands of dollars you pay them for the service.

On the other hand, Rapid Adoption is a unique service provider focused entirely on preparing adoption applications. We take three business days to make your adoption application in Kansas (and every other US state) ready for submission to the courts, while the fee we charge is a small fraction of what you would pay an adoption attorney.

This much value for the money you pay us comes out of the streamlined processes we have as well as our transparency and honesty. Over the last 15 years, we have prepared and successfully submitted thousands of adoption petitions across the United States with 100% success rate.

With our help, you can rest assured your petition is being prepared by a dedicated team. We can help you with the following adoption applications:

  • Step parent adoption in Kansas
  • Adult adoption in Kansas
  • Child adoption in Kansas
  • Relative adoption in Kansas

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Understanding the law of the land is an important part of your preparation for the legal process of expanding your family through adoption. While we will take care of your application, you should at least learn the fundamentals of the adoption laws in Kansas so that you know what to expect when you have finally submitted the application forms that we prepare for you.


Step parent adoption in Kansas has only a couple of stipulations that the applicant has to see through before their petition can be submitted into the courts. Foremost, you need the consent of your spouse as the natural parent of your stepchild. You will also need the minor’s consent if they are 14 years of age or older. The state does not require you to have lived any particular length of time as legal resident of the state prior to your petition for step parent adoption in Kansas.

If you are looking for child adoption in Kansas but not a stepchild, the conditions stay the same except now you will need more people’s consent, including the child’s birth parents and your spouse’s if you are married. Apart from this, the process for child adoption in Kansas is fairly straightforward.


Adult adoption in Kansas also shows a lot of convenience with the same luxuries as discussed above, such as no requirement from the state for you to have been a resident for any specific period of time prior to your petition for adult adoption in Kansas. However, you will need consents from your spouse, if you are married, and the adult you want to adopt. If the adoptee adult is married, you must get consent from their spouse as well, and all of these consents must be submitted with your application in written form.

Since there are no restrictions of relationship of blood, it is safe to assume you can apply for relative adoption in Kansas. Our elderly relatives look toward us in their later years when they need the love and care of family the most.

Relative adoption in Kansas has the same requirements as a petition for an unrelated adult’s adoption.