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Step parent adoption in Ohio follows a legal process typical to states where step parent adoption is neither made exceptionally convenient in comparison with other types of adoption nor too difficult. Incidentally, the petition forms you need to submit for your adoption application in Ohio also tend to be as confusing as they are in most other states. This is why you should get professional help for your application forms.


Now that you understand the legal requisites, it is time to discuss the preparation of your adoption application in Ohio. You might think you can take it on yourself, but, after spending several hours on the confusing items in the bland forms, you will realize eventually getting professional assistance is the way to proceed.

You can get two kinds of professional help for your application forms. The first among these would be going to an adoption attorney, who must be qualified to fill out your forms but they will charge thousands of dollars for the work and may take over a week to do the job.

The other option you have is Rapid Adoption. We are a professional service dedicated to helping people with their adoption applications. Over the last 15 years, we have worked with thousands of families, making their dream of expanding their family easier to achieve with a solid petition that carries a lot of weight. We operate in all states of the country. All this time, we have maintained 100% success rate for submission acceptance of our petitions.

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We always advise our customers to use the time they have – while we make their application – to study the adoption laws of the state they are applying to. You should learn the adoption laws in Ohio before you go submit your forms in the court. This knowledge will help you get familiar with the laws and stipulations you need to follow as an applicant for adoption in Ohio as well as prepare you for the legal process you will face once you have submitted the application in the courts.


Step parent adoption in Ohio comes with certain legal conditions that an application must fulfill before it can be determined in a court hearing. As the applicant (or step parent adopting a stepchild), you need to get the consent of your spouse as the legal parent of the adoptee as well as that of the minor you are adopting if they are 12 years of age or over. These consents must be taken in writing.

You should provide evidence that the child will have lived for at least six straight months in your house before the petition is determined. This condition of step parent adoption in Ohio is usually met without the applicant knowing because married couples often live under the same roof with their minor children.

You can pursue child adoption in Ohio as a foster parent through a state designated agency. In this case, you will need consents from the adoptee’s birth parents as well as your spouse (if you are married). The home residency condition will also need to be met unless the court shortens the period. A successful petition for child adoption in Ohio can be challenged in the courts within the following one year.


Adult adoption in Ohio is allowed in only a handful of situations, such as when the adoptee is permanently disabled, mentally incapable to take care of themselves, or if an old ward who has become an adult wants to be your adopted child. Apart from these situations, adult adoption in Ohio is not usually granted.

The process behind relative adoption in Ohio depends on the age of the adoptee. You can adopt a minor relative like you would adopt a stepchild but your spouse must sign up as co-applicant. Adult relative adoption in Ohio works if they fall in one of the three scenarios mentioned.