Wyoming Adoption Forms

Step parent adoption in Wyoming is a growing trend with more new couples joining families legally and spreading their love. For simple enough reasons, the civil courts in Wyoming are encouraging petitions for step parent adoption while other types of applications are often given much more scrutiny before they are granted or rejected. What remains equally troubling for all types of petitions, however, are the application forms with their confusing questions. We strongly suggest every applicant to get professional help.


With such familiarity with the state’s adoption laws, you are now ready to begin work on your adoption application for Wyoming courts. However, if you want to take care of this yourself, you will soon realize your petition forms need a professional’s touch.

Your first option for professional help is an adoption attorney, who will take a check for a few thousand dollars and several days to do the job to justify that fee.

On the other hand, we can provide even better quality of service for a small chunk of that fee and only in three days.

We provide such value to our customers because we are true specialists for the job and our operations are highly streamlined. For the past 15 years, we have helped thousands of families with their adoption applications with 100% success rate.

We can provide you expert help with your petitions for:

  • Step parent adoption in Wyoming
  • Adult adoption in Wyoming
  • Child adoption in Wyoming
  • Relative adoption in Wyoming

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While we will discuss the benefits of a professional’s touch in a bit, we want to share another piece of advice that we give to every single one of our customers. That is: they should get familiar with the adoption laws of the state they are applying in. You should get acquainted with the adoption laws of Wyoming to get a much clearer perspective of the legal issues involved and the requirements you are expected to satisfy. The better you understand Wyoming’s adoption laws, the more you weight you will be able to put in your petition.


Let us give you a brief introduction to these laws here. Starting with step parent adoption in Wyoming, this type of petition will ask for only a few conditions that you need to satisfy as the applicant before the court wraps up your application. The most important condition to fulfill is that of having lived for at least two months as a legal resident in the state right before you submit your petition for step parent adoption in Wyoming courts. Along with that, you will need your spouse’s written consent (who is the natural parent of the child you are adopting). You will also need written consent of the minor if they are 14 years of age or older, and they must live in your house with you for at least six months before your case can get a date for the final hearing.

If you pursue child adoption in Wyoming as a foster parent, you should first get your spouse to team up with you in the application. The condition of your resident status for the previous two months holds for this type of adoption as well just as the requirement of the adoptee to live under your roof for six months before the case is finalized. The last important condition for your petition of child adoption in Wyoming is to get written consent from the adoptee’s birth parents.


Adult adoption in Wyoming has a number of conditions similar to those of child adoption, such as the requirement for the applicant to have lived in the state for the previous two months and that of the adoptee to provide written consent for the petition. You will also need your spouse to sign up as co-petitioner and have the adoptee adult live in your house for an extended period of time, such six months, before the application is approved (or rejected).

Relative adoption in Wyoming is not unheard of, although there are very few cases of this type of adoption. Still, to get your petition for relative adoption in Wyoming courts to succeed, you need to fulfill the same conditions as though you were adopting an unrelated adult.