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Step parent adoption in Kentucky comes with a complex legal process even though it is, like most other states, the simplest type of adoption. This also tells us other types of adoption may be more difficult. It is also important to know that, like most other states of the country, the forms of an adoption application in Kentucky are quite confusing to a layperson. With an already difficult and long legal process waiting in the next phase, you do not want to make errors in the forms that might prolong the period of waiting for your family’s new member.


Once you have made a list of the conditions that apply to your petition, and made sure you fulfill them, it is time to download the application forms and fill them up. If you are the kind of person who likes to take charge of their problems and sort them out on your own, you might spend several hours before realizing you need expert help. If you don’t realize it, you might get your adoption application in Kentucky refused right when you visit the courts to submit it.

With professional help, you have two options: (a) You can go to an adoption attorney and pay them thousands of dollars and a couple of weeks before they hand over your application forms ready to submit, or (b) you can take our specialized help for a fraction of the time and money you would spend on an attorney.

At Rapid Adoption, we have been helping families across all the states of America for the last 15 years. In fact, we have already prepared thousands of adoption applications for virtually all the states of the country and never been refused submission for any one of them. We take three business days, if not lesser, to get your adoption application in Kentucky ready for submission.
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For the same reason, you must also learn the fundamentals of Kentucky’s adoption laws. Knowing these will allow you to get ready for the legal process with familiarity with what to expect once your application is ready for submission. We share the basics of the adoption laws of Kentucky in the following paragraphs to help you prepare yourself just like we will prepare your adoption application.


Step parent adoption in Kentucky requires a few conditions to be followed before the petition can be granted in the courts. The foremost condition you should check on is the length of time for which you have lived in the state of Kentucky. For your petition of step parent adoption in Kentucky to succeed, you need to have lived for at least a year leading to the filing of your application.

If that is a yes for you, the next condition is consent. You need your spouse’s consent as the natural parent of the child you are adopting. Also, if the minor is 12 years of age or older, you must get their express consent for the application, and the child will be required to live for 90 days in your home before the petition is submitted to the courts.

This condition of home residency of the adoptee is waived in case of child adoption in Kentucky when the adoptee is not your stepchild. In such cases of child adoption in Kentucky, the child may not be required to live with you for any specified period prior to the petition is granted if they are being placed through the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services or any of its agencies.


Adult adoption in Kentucky is fairly simple as long as either the applicant or the adoptee fulfill the residency condition in the state for 12 months prior to the petition is filed. Adult adoption in Kentucky also requires the express consent of the adult being adopted.

For relative adoption in Kentucky, there seems to be no clear-cut affirmation or negation. So, if you want to go for relative adoption in Kentucky for a sick grandparent or aunt, you may do with the other conditions satisfied.