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Step parent adoption in Arizona comes with a long list of items in the legal process involved. The whole exercise takes months to complete before you can call your stepchild your legal son or daughter. You should also remember getting your adoption application in Arizona ready is just as complex a process with unclear questions and confusing items. You might end up prolonging the adoption process if you waste time on the forms yourself. Get our professional help and submit your application in the first attempt.


When it comes to preparing your adoption application in Arizona, you need professional help for many reasons, such as:

  • The forms are typically quite confusing and the time you spend on them might only lead you to make mistakes that prolong your application process.
  • Professionals know the bureaucratic priorities and can fill your forms with insights you will never have.

You need a service like Rapid Adoption to help you navigate the adoption application for Arizona because we have been doing this for over 15 years now. Starting our services in 2002, we have maintained a complete, 100% success rate for application submission, which means no court in the whole of USA, where we operate, has ever refused submission to an application that we prepared. We have helped thousands of families to successfully file for the adoption of their newest family member in the first attempt.

In our competition are adoption attorneys who will charge your thousands of dollars for getting the application ready and take weeks to do that so they can justify the large sum you paid them. On the other hand, we charge a small fraction of that amount as our services fee and take no more than three business days to finalize your application.
We can help you with the following applications:

  • Step parent adoption in Arizona
  • Adult adoption in Arizona
  • Child adoption in Arizona
  • Relative adoption in Arizona

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Before we get back to the application forms, you should also understand the adoption laws of Arizona. This will help you understand what to expect when the time for submitting your petition comes. Because the adoption laws in the Grand Canyon State are quite sophisticated, we will give you all the basic information and fundamentals for a confident start to your application process.

The only silver lining is, as an applicant, you are not required to have lived in Arizona for any particular stretch of time before your petition is submitted. Similarly, minor or adult, the prospective adoptee is not required to have lived any particular amount of time in your home.


Step parent adoption in Arizona is perhaps the easiest of them all, and it still comes with a number of strings attached. You will need your spouse’s consent for the application as the natural parent of your stepchild. In most cases, before you can formally submit your petition for step parent adoption in Arizona, you will have to go through a series of assessments, including disclosing your financials, moral fitness examination, physical and mental health assessment, criminal record, etc, before your application is deemed eligible for submission in the courts.

If you are going for child adoption in Arizona when you have no stepchildren, these examinations become longer and include your spouse as well, who will be required to consent with your application. You will also need the consent of the adopting child if they are 12 years of age or older (regardless of whether you are applying for step parent adoption or unrelated child adoption in Arizona) in open court.


On the other hand, adult adoption in Arizona is just as complex. After the series of fitness examinations, you will be cleared to apply for relative adoption in Arizona only because the state does not allow any citizens to adopt unrelated adults. In short, when it comes to adult adoption in Arizona, you can only petition to become legal guardian to your blood relations, such as a grandparent, an uncle, an aunt, and so forth.

Relative adoption in Arizona is also permitted if you want to adopt a younger relative, including a cousin, a niece, or a nephew legally.