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Step parent adoption in Iowa is quite a convenient way of expanding your family legally. Not only do you give your stepchildren the legal right to call you their parent but also a lot of value to your relationship and to your family as a whole. The legal process may be simple enough but the application forms are not quite so. This is why most people getting their adoption applications in Iowa ready for submission take help from professionals like us.


Knowing the legal requirements, you must be ready to take the first step and download those application forms and get going with your adoption application in Iowa. However, before you take the task in your own hands, we would strongly suggest you go for professional help instead. This is the conclusion you will come to after having spent a few hours on the forms where many questions are quite ambiguous and make you think of multiple right answers.

This is true for most kinds of legal documentation where only experts can use the forms to make an outstanding case in favor of the applicant. When it comes to adoption applications, you have two such choices: (a) an adoption attorney who will charge you thousands of dollars for the task of preparing your application forms and take several days to justify the huge fee they are taking from you, and (b) Rapid Adoption (we charge a fraction of that fee and take three business days to do the job).

Rapid Adoption is a professional service provider focused on adoption applications alone. We have been helping clients all across the US with their adoption applications for the last 15 years. We have prepared thousands of applications for the courts and maintained 100% success rate over the years.
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Before we show you why we are your best option for getting that application ready in time for the courts, we would also like you to prepare yourself a little in relation to Iowa’s adoption laws. Understanding the adoption laws in Iowa will help you demystify the rumors you may have heard and specifically understand what to expect when you have finally submitted your petition in Iowa’s family courts.


As said above, step parent adoption in Iowa comes with a rather convenient set of rules. There are only a handful of requirements for this type of a petition and most of them are satisfied without the applicant even knowing at times. For instance, in case of child adoption in Iowa – stepchild or unrelated – the adoptee is to live with under your roof for at least three months prior to petition filing. Now, in case of step parent adoption in Iowa, this condition is usually already satisfied because the adoptee is virtually always living with the step parent adopting them along with their natural parent.

Other conditions of child adoption in Iowa (both unrelated or stepchild) are quite simple. If you are a married adult, your spouse should co-apply for the petition. Also, if the adoptee is 14 or older, their consent should also be recorded in writing for the courts.


Adult adoption in Iowa is also encouraged for a number of reasons. The state generally allows for any adult or minor to be adopted. Of course, if you are filing for adult adoption in Iowa, the adult you are adopting must provide written consent for the petition and also spend at least 90 days under your roof prior to the filing of the petition except in case the court waives this requirement.

If you are going for relative adoption in Iowa with the aim to give that sick elderly relative comfort and care in the presence of family, the state will not stop you from doing it. Of course, your spouse must join you in the petition if you are married and the adoptee might be required to live with your family for the same period of 90 days before your petition for relative adoption in Iowa is granted.