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Step parent adoption in Washington is a relatively simple business. The application goes through a time-taking but easy process with very few conditions to be fulfilled. In point of fact, any type of adoption in Washington has few requisites for eligibility. However, getting your adoption application for Washington ready is not so easy. Any error made in the forms can lead to unwanted delays of weeks. So, we suggest you get your application prepared by professionals.


Regardless of the type of petition you are filing, Rapid Adoption can be the best partner you can hope for in preparation of your adoption application in Washington (or any other state in the country).  Some of the reasons why we should be your top choice are as follows:

  • Adoption applications service is not a side business for us. It is what we specialize in and do every day of the week.
  • We have been doing this for over 15 years now, working in every state of the country.
  • We have helped thousands of petitioners with successful submission of their adoption applications. In other words, we have helped thousands of families grow and be happier than before.
  • None of our applications have been refused acceptance in any courts across the United States. We have maintained 100% success rate over all these years.

Our biggest competition is adoption attorneys and legal firms. We compete with them with the objective to provide better quality of services for adoption applications and much more value for the money our clients spend for the job. Adoption attorneys charge thousands of dollars for the job of getting an adoption application ready. They also make a lot of fuss, calling you over for detailed interviews, to give the impression that the work is very sophisticated to justify the high fees they are charging you.

At Rapid Adoption, we guarantee your application forms will be ready for submission within three days at a small fraction of the fee you would pay an attorney.
These are the reasons why petitioners submitting an adoption application in Washington choose us over the competition. We can help you with:

  • Step parent adoption in Washington
  • Adult adoption in Washington
  • Relative adoption in Washington
  • Child adoption in Washington

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Understanding the adoption laws in Washington will indefinitely help you with the process. Knowing how the system works you will go in prepared knowing what to expect once your application has been submitted to the courts. This important information in the following paragraphs will also help you see how well we understand the adoption process in Washington.


For step parent adoption in Washington, you have some conditions to satisfy. In most cases, the step child being adopted is already living with the step parent adopting them, and the petition for step parent adoption in Washington is filed to formalize the relationship of legal parenthood. This is why most applications go through successfully except when the step parent does not qualify for some other technicality that puts the child’s interests at risk, we will assess those conditions for you.

In most cases, you only need to provide your spouse’s consent as the child’s legal guardian and the minor’s own consent if they are older than 13 years of age. Interestingly, when it comes to child adoption in Washington – step child or unrelated – the state does not even require any specific prior period of residency for an adoption petition. You can move to the state on Monday and file a petition for child adoption in Washington the same afternoon.


Adult adoption in Washington is also quite simple as far as the legal requirements are concerned. You can adopt any adult as long as they provide express consent for the adoption. Relative adoption in Washington thus becomes quite simple for us, especially if you want to take over an old relation’s care, which will also immensely improve their quality of life living with family instead of a state administered facility for old people.
The court might ask you to go through a family assessment before your application for adult adoption in Washington is approved. That is something you might have to go through even for your petition of relative adoption in Washington and other types of petitions; in which we will help assess those conditions before hand.