The Secret to Celebrating Your Step Parent Adoption

If you are like many step parents, you are going to want to mark the day your step parent adoption is completed.
Most families choose to celebrate Adoption Day in a way that is unique to their family.

Give Your Step Child the “Gotcha Day” That They Will Remember

You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is an adoption day celebration?” Adoption Day celebrations are commonly called “Gotcha Day,” as in the day I got you! Cute, huh? Each individual family will celebrate in their own unique way.

Some Blended Families Make It A Family Event

Quite a few blended families choose to have something like a family barbecue or get together to celebrate their step parent adoption. Close family and friends may come to celebrate the day with the adopting step parent and step child! Your Adoption Day celebration can be as large or as small as you like. Again, this is all dependent upon your family’s likes and dislikes.

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A Celebration For The Step Siblings

If the step child has step siblings, an Adoption Day celebration can be a way for the step siblings to celebrate gaining a new brother or sister. What a wonderful way to say to their new brother or sister “Welcome to the family!”

Lots of Blended Families Celebrate Yearly Like a Birthday Celebration

Many families choose to mark the anniversary of their step parent adoption by having an Adoption Day Celebration yearly. Can you imagine how special your step child feels knowing that year after year you are just as thankful to have them be a part of your life? Some families choose to have a “party” with guests and presents while others make it just a simple family celebration. How great would it be to get presents on birthdays and adoption days?

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3 Adoption Day IDEAS For Your Blended Family

Here comes the fun part of this blog post! I have been looking into adoption day celebration in preparation for writing this article. There are some wonderful ideas online. We have gathered some of the best ideas and pinned them on our Pinterest board.

Want to see? Come on I’ll show you!

Did you see those wonderful cakes that celebrate your step parent adoption?

Incorporating Adoption Awareness Colors

Many blended families use the adoption awareness colors in their color scheme for the Adoption Day celebration. Do you know what these colors are? Yellow and white.  White for the adopted child and yellow for the adoptive step parent.

An Adoption Day Ceremony

Another idea is to have a ceremony much like a wedding ceremony for the step parent and step child. This could be small and intimate or large and extravagant! How special would your step child feel having a heartfelt promise from you to love and cherish them for the rest of your life?

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As Always, Follow Your Gut

In closing, I urge you to take your step child’s emotions into consideration. It is truly a celebration of completing your family and making it one whole unit. However, not every child sees it that way. So, follow your gut.

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