Accountability Partners in Steve Harvey’s Blended Family

What Are Accountability Partners for His Step Children?

In Steve Harvey’s blended family he has grouped 2 children together and made them accountability partners.  For example, the 2 oldest are accountability partners to each other. The 2 middle children are accountable to each other, etc. Steve Harvey feels that this creates a bond between the two children where there may otherwise be issues.

Step Children Bonding With Each Other

When families join together as one and there are multiple children involved the step children do not always get along or mesh well. It is not just important to accept the step parent. It’s important to have a relationship with the step sibling as well. Steve Harvey’s accountability partners helps this process along!

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What a brilliant idea in my opinion.

Equality Among the Step Children

When a child’s “rank” in the family is replaced with another child there may be feelings of bitterness or jealousy. By grouping the children together – 2 oldest, 2 middle, 2 youngest – and giving them the same privileges he removes the reason for these negative feelings.

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Truly amazing! I have never heard of this idea before and it seems to be a wonderful idea!

If you are dealing with any of these issues in your own blended family, you may want to consider accountability partners for your step children!

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