3 Tips From Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw on How To do a Step Parent Adoption

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw have a rather large blended family. All together they have 7children!

Steven and Kate Became Step Parents When They Got Married

Steven became the step father to Jessica Capshaw when he married Kate. She became the step mother to Max Spielberg.Neither Spielberg nor Capshaw have adopted their spouses biological children.  But rather, they both did Step Parent Adoptions to each other’s non-biological children.You heard that right….It’s adoption heaven at the Spielberg house.

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Kate Capshaw Adopted Her Son Theo First

Before Spielberg and Capshaw got married, Kate adopted Theo as a single parent. Theo was born in 1988.

Steven and Kate Got Married And They Are Now A Blended Family!

On October 12, 1991 Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw combined their families into one BIG blended family. After they were married, Steven Spielberg adopted Theo Capshaw who became Theo Spielberg. So, Theo is “double” adopted. First, by Kate and then by his step father, Steven. As you can see, both Steven and Kate are true supporters of adoption in general.

This Hollywood Couple Have 3 Biological Children Together

Steven and Kate have 3 children together as well as children from previous relationships and Theo and Mikaela, who were also adopted by the couple. Their biological children are Sasha, Sawyer, and Destry Spielberg.

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After Adopting Mikaela, This Blended Family Thought They Were Complete

Mikaela was adopted in 1996 shortly after the Oscars. Kate made a statement at that time saying, “We are so thrilled to welcome Mikaela into our lives, the sixth and final addition to our family.”

HA! Guess what? Nine months later – Destry Spielberg was born.  They only thought they were complete. Destry definitely proved Kate wrong!

Life In The Spielberg-Capshaw Blended Family

Can you begin to imagine what it was like growing up in a family with 7 children? As a mom, I would feel like I had to call roll to make sure all of the kids were there!I can imagine that Kate and Steven faced numerous challenges having such a large blended family.

However, it seems that all of the children have been well loved and taken care of.

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How This Couple Advocate For Adoption

In 1990, they helped found Children’s Action Network to bring awareness to fostering and adoption.

“Children need a voice,” Capshaw once said. “And I can be very loud.” 1.

And with that loud voice, many children’s voices are now being heard. Rapidadoptionforms.com fully support the efforts of the Children’s Action Network.

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