Tutorial Questionnaire

Questionnaire Tutorial (with samples)

Step 1: Download the Adoption Questionnaire from the Site. You can do this after the payment process. Start at the Prices Page and follow the ordering process. When you get to the Questionnaire Download Page, make sure you download the Questionnaire that is right for you. We have the Questionnaires in multiple formats. (.Exe, Adobe Reader) Follow the directions on that page.

Step 2: Save the Adoption Questionnaire to your DESKTOP. So you can find it later.When the download is complete, check the file for viruses with your virus scanner. (This is just a good safety precaution for any and all downloads on the web.)

Step 3: Open the Adoption Questionnaire and begin to fill it out. This is pretty easy if you are organized and have your information all in one place. It usually takes under an hour. Each section in the questionnaire is clearly labeled for reference purposes. When you have a question or need help with the completion of the questionnaire, simply call or email us and say “Section 5- Child Information”.

Step 4: The first part of the questionnaire focuses with basic information about the current custodial parents of the child. The second part of the questionnaire (below) focuses on the Adopting Parents of the child.


The bulk of the information collected by the questionnaire relates to the child(ren) and adopting parent(s). We don’t do anything with the information other than enter it into the Adoption forms. Everything is prepared in accordance to state regulations.


Step 5: The last part of the questionnaire deals with the child or children getting adopted. And again, we don’t do anything with the information other than enter it into the Adoption forms in accordance to state laws and regulations. We do not contact the biological parents.


Step 6: When finished, submit your Adoption Questionnaire back to us by email or fax. Make sure that we know that your questionnaire goes with the name you paid under.